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TNT International Mail - Postcards
TNT International Mail - Postcards

TNT International Mail - Postcards

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- - VARIABLE - Special edition - Private postal operators in Spain (Please read note about shipping)

VARIABLE - Special edition Remailing in Spain. The tourist postcards Size: 21 x 21 cm. - 46 pages - Color - Spanish & English edition. (IMPORTANT. The price includes the shipping by economy mail as a printed matter each three months, along with other publications. For other shipping options, please contact us).
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Reference: ESTNP01DECH

Brand: TNT

SPAIN (2002). TNT International Mail - Postcards. 01. Postcard to Germany (via Switzerland)

TNT Spain (2002). TNT International Mail - Postcards. Self-adhesive stamps for tourist postcards. Block 1 (Giralda & Feria de Abril, Sevilla). Tourist postcard mailed from Spain to Germany with one TNT stamp. Self-adhesive Swiss - Priority postage paid mark, partially hidding the TNT stamp. See the picture.
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