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Sign up for a standing order and you will receive the new issues of ATMs and variable value stamps, worldwide or only the countries of your choice.

We can offer you two basic standing orders, mint sets and first day covers mailed to your postal address.

There are as many collections as collectors; In most cases, bearing in mind the many collecting options with these stamps, we can offer also a tailor-made solution. Just contact us with your requirements, countries, etc. and we will let you know what is possible.

In particular, if you are interested for the ATM issues of Spain, we can offer an standing order for mint sets and/or first day covers (mailed to your postal address by normal or registered mail, with sets, official covers, etc.), with all the machine codes available for each new design.

With your standing order you will be able to receive all the new issues at a preferential price, starting with a 10% discount on the regular catalogue prices.

More details and information, you can contact us preferabily by email (info@galeriaatm.com), or by phone (+34.977.245.721), in Catalan, Spanish, French ... some English :-)