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Reference: ES220567F

Brand: Brother

SPAIN (2022). 02. Fallas València & Parque - B3ES22 ES01 + P3ES22 VA22 + CH22 - '24-25 marzo València'. Covers first day

Intelligent AR + Brother (24.03.2022) - Fiestas populares - Fallas València & Parque Natural de l'Albufera de València. Codes B3ES22 ES01 (Kiosk) + P3ES22 VA22 (Printers in Valencia) + P3ES22 CH22 (Philatelic service printers). Temporary imprint ' 24-25 marzo València ' (with and with no graphic). Illustrated first day covers with all the printing...

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Reference: ES2208F

Brand: Intelligent AR Limited

SPAIN (2022). 04. Salud mental COVID-19 & Año Int. vidrio - B4ES22 ES01 - 'Madrid Clara Campoamor'. Cover first day

Intelligent AR (4.04.2022) - Salud mental y COVID-19 (Mental health & COVID-19) & Año Internacional del vidrio (International year of glass). Code B4ES22 ES01 (Postal kiosk). New permanent imprint ' Madrid Clara Campoamor '. Official first day cover with the two ATMs, domestic mail (2 x Tarifa A). First day special postmark and the new 'ATM Punto...

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